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You’ve slipped and fallen and got injured through no fault of your own. Experienced slip and fall lawyer Jimmy Chong and his team help you get the best recovery possible for your slip and fall accident. If you got injured on a construction site or other premises due to dangerous or hazardous conditions, the party causing or responsible for those conditions could be held liable for compensation.  


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Often when someone slips and falls in a public or private place, it isn’t anyone’s fault. However, when a Philadelphia or Wilmington property owner has been negligent in providing safe surroundings and a person slips and falls as a result, the property owner is more than likely responsible. 

Part of the responsibility of being a property owner is ensuring that their property is free from hazards that are likely to cause injury to visitors. Slip and fall accidents usually cause minor injuries but can cause severe, life-altering injuries. 

Fighting to Get You The Compensation You Deserve 


The most important thing to know if you got injured in a slip and fall accident is if you think it was not your fault, you must contact an experienced Wilmington slip and fall attorney as soon as possible to begin an investigation before the property owner has time to alter the circumstances that led to the accident. Time is of the essence in crafting a solid slip and fall lawsuit.

Personal injury lawyer Jimmy Chong helps accident victims put their lives back together. As your personal injury lawyer, Attorney Chong will “do battle,” so to speak, with insurers, employers, bill collectors, medical providers, and other parties who stand to impede your ability to focus on your physical and emotional recovery. Jimmy Chong serves injury victims in the Philadelphia, PA, Lansdale, PA and Wilmington, DE, by focusing on your financial recovery so you will have one less burden to contend with following your accident.

Damages Available After a Slip and Fall Accident


Those injured in slip and fall lawsuits can get compensation for economic damages and non-economic damages. If the actions of the property owner or other party responsible for your slip and fall injury were particularly egregious, you may recover punitive damages as well.


Who’s Liable For My Injuries After I Slip and Fall in Wilmington?


Anyone who is responsible for the hazardous condition leading to your slip and fall accident is responsible for compensating you for your injuries. This includes public entities such as the government and private entities such as businesses and homeowners. If the property is leased, both the owner and the tenant may be responsible.


Property owners have a duty to inspect their property for hazardous or dangerous conditions and either ameliorate them or warn of them. Failure to do so results in liability for visitor’s injuries in a slip and fall accident. 


The duty to inspect is not without its limits. For example, if you slip on spilled milk and fall in a grocery store, when the milk was spilled is a factor in determining negligence. If the milk was spilled 20 minutes before your accident, the grocery store may be liable because they did not mop it up promptly. If the milk was spilled only moments before you slipped and fell, the grocery store may not be liable because they had no notice of the hazard.


How a Wilmington Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer Can Help After Your Injury


An experienced slip and fall lawyer will act swiftly to investigate the cause of your accident. This investigation may include gathering eyewitness accounts and police reports, visiting the scene of the accident, and interviewing the property owner or tenant. It will also include research into what parties may be responsible for your accident. In the case of a construction zone or a leased property, there may be multiple parties at fault.


Your slip and fall attorney will also work with you and your medical providers to ensure compensation for your injuries is accurately calculated. Your attorney may also work with experts to determine whether your slip and fall injury will have a lasting impact physically, emotionally, or economically, and what compensation you deserve for suffering that impact.

Your attorney will then send a pre-lawsuit demand to the insurance company claims adjuster. If after negotiations that demand is not met, your attorney will file a lawsuit for you and force the insurance company to pay.


Holding Wilmington Property Owners Responsible for Slip and Fall Accidents


Delaware law allows those injured in slip and fall accidents to recover compensation from property owners under the theory of premises liability, which holds property owners responsible for hazardous or dangerous conditions on their property. This is to protect visitors from harm by incentivizing property owners to keep their property free of hazards.


Because Delaware is a comparative negligence state, those injured in slip and fall accidents can only recover compensation from those responsible if they are 50% or less responsible for causing the accident. 


FAQs about Slip and Falls in Delaware 


How Much is My Slip and Fall Case Worth?


Compensation for injuries from a slip and fall accident will depend upon the severity of your injuries, whether your injuries will have a lasting impact on your life or your loved one’s lives, and whether the property owner or tenant was reckless in allowing the hazard to exist on their property.


How Much Does a Slip and Fall Lawyer Cost in Delaware? 


An experienced slip and fall lawyer will meet with you to discuss your case free of charge, and will take your case on a contingency basis – meaning, they do not get paid unless and until you do. At the start of your case, you will have a retainer agreement clearly spelling out how your slip and fall lawyer will get paid.


What is the Statute of Limitations For Delaware Slip and Fall Lawsuits? 


You have two years from the date of the accident to file a slip and fall lawsuit in Delaware, but it is crucial that you contact an attorney right away so that evidence can be preserved. 


If you wait too long to contact a slip and fall attorney, you may give the owner or tenant time to remediate the hazard that caused your accident, and witnesses may forget what happened or may not be found. In these cases, it is very difficult to prove your case.


Do Most Delaware Slip and Fall Cases Require a Court Trial?


If the insurance company refuses to pay, an experienced slip and fall attorney will not hesitate to file a lawsuit for you. However, many slip and fall cases settle before then.


What Factors Affect a Slip And Fall Settlement?


The most influential factor in slip and fall settlements is the strength of your case. The next most influential factor is the reputation and experience of your slip and fall attorney. When you work with an experienced slip and fall attorney with a reputation for fighting hard for their clients, insurance companies are more likely to take your claim seriously.


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A personal injury lawyer is uniquely qualified to calculate your current losses and future losses. Even if you think the insurance adjuster is offering a fair or even generous settlement, be very wary of accepting a settlement without first consulting with an experienced Wilmington slip and fall lawyer – you may be entitled to more than you are offered.


When insurance companies know that an experienced slip and fall lawyer is handling your claim, they will often abandon the strategies typically used to minimize payouts and must rethink their game – a game that Attorney Jimmy Chong and the Chong Law Firm will not allow them to play when your well-being and recovery are at stake.


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