Wrongful Death / Catastrophic Injury

For Legal Representation in a Wrongful Death or Catastrophic Injury Case, Wrongful Death Attorney Jimmy Chong is Committed, Tenacious, and Experienced


When a wrongful death or a catastrophic injury occurs in a family, every element of each life that is touched by the tragedy, as well as the family as a whole, is irrevocably changed. At a time like this, it’s critical to have an attorney who is experienced with cases of wrongful death and catastrophic injury to take charge of all that needs to be handled. Wrongful death lawyer Jimmy Chong will thoroughly and genuinely look after your needs-even anticipating needs you haven’t yet considered-and ensure that your interests and your rights are treated fairly and appropriately.

The legal team at Chong Law Firm P.A., with offices Philadelphia, PA, Lansdale, PA and Wilmington, DE, will listen to your questions and concerns and provide thorough answers and ongoing updates, all the while working tenaciously on your behalf from the outset to conclusion. Losing a loved one or coping with life after a catastrophic injury is not the time to wrangle with insurance adjusters or those who are seeking money for medical bills and other expenses that are mounting. Your attorney can remove those pressures from you so that you can focus fully on healing and move purposefully and more assuredly toward the next phase of your life.

What Type of Accident Qualifies an Accidental Death as a Wrongful Death?

A wrongful death can result from differing types of accidents and injuries. Medical malpractice, motor vehicle accidents, defective products, unsafe premises, fire-among others-are all circumstances that can lead to a wrongful death occurrence. Wrongful death lawyer Jimmy Chong provides the high degree of legal expertise and professionalism required to construct an effective case and prevail when it’s time to reach a settlement, or if need be, proceed toward litigation. The need for compassion in your wrongful death attorney is very real. The losses you have endured have already left you in a very vulnerable and fragile state, and you can count on compassion and concern from Chong Law Firm. We have dealt with Philadelphia and Wilmington families coping with a wrongful death enough to understand and anticipate how we can best help you in these very difficult times.

When is a Severe Injury Legally a “Catastrophic Injury”?

A “catastrophic injury” involves severe trauma to the spine, the spinal cord, or the brain. Skull or spinal fractures may be involved, as well. According to the American Medical Association, and hence, the legal definition of “catastrophic injury,” there are three outcomes for this type of injury:

Death – Permanent severe functional disability – Severe head or neck trauma with no permanent disability

It’s crucial that you develop an authentic relationship with your catastrophic injury lawyer that fosters open communication with you and those in your family who have been affected by the injury. Such firsthand understanding and knowledge of all that you’re going through are highly important so that we can fully understand-and convey to the jury-exactly what you are facing. There are emotional ramifications, physical repercussions, and economic consequences that contribute to the total sum of your losses after a catastrophic injury. These losses must be detailed and proven to the jury or insurance company in order to secure a just and fair monetary award.

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